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The 40 Days of Discipleship Series is a Christ-centered training resource for spiritual formation, either for new believers with many questions, or for mature believers who want to deepen their walks with God and to learn how to mentor others.

You will have a real experience of discipleship in action instead of simply learning theory. You can choose the best way to participate (by email, photocopies, or audio), and practice how you learn best. It only takes a few minutes a day so you learn when it is most convenient. You will have just-in-time coaching available with each lesson to know how to move forward.

These series will teach you HOW to learn from the Bible, which complements other methods of discipleship that are based on WHAT to learn. Subscribe today and try without risk. You can cancel at any time. It is simple to do and easy to share.

These free materials provide a ready-to-go curriculum that can be used for youth and cell groups, home Bible studies and small group classes. Everyone can learn to pass it on to others so labourers will be multiplied


The 40 Days of Discipleship Series 1 - explains the DNA of biblical mentoring:

  • Divine truth and how to have a daily meaningful devotional time
  • Nurturing relationships and how to ask questions in community to discern what God is doing and how we should respond
  • Apostolic Mission (or Advancing the mission) and how daily praying for God to send labourers into the harvest, is a strategy for involvement in world-wide ministry
  • Series 2, The Five Verbs of Learning takes experiential learning in discipleship to a whole new level. Each verb is an action step that leads to creative participation in making disciples. It greatly benefits a ministry team.

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