In September, Rev. John will be starting a sermon series on the Acts of the Apostles. In Acts, Jesus sends his followers out into the world to bear witness to the ways in which they’ve seen God at work both in their lives and in the world around them. For some of them, they were witnesses to the Resurrection of Jesus. But it didn’t stop there – as they lived their lives seeking to follow Jesus they were witness to resurrection happening again and again in different ways, sometimes personally and at other times in the lives of people who’d given up all hope. Because the good news is that #ResurrectionHappens, and we are invited to share our story with the world. Those early followers weren’t asked to be persuasive or compelling. Instead, God simply asked them to go tell the stories of what they’d seen and experienced. As they did, incredible things began to happen. One story led to another and another, opening up a world of endless possibility.

So, what’s your story? How have you been witness to resurrection happening in your own life? Where has resurrection happened in the lives of those known to you? Where have you witnessed God moving in this or that place? When did it seem by all accounts that the story was over but God turned the page and wrote a whole new chapter?

I’d love to have you share your stories with me (revjohn@standrewsguelph.com), and with your permission, I will share some of your stories with our St Andrew’s community as we start our Acts adventure.  I treasure the opportunity to bear witness to the stories of God you share. #ResurrectionHappens

Rev. John is going silent again

From Friday June 22 until Monday June 25, Rev John will be at the Abbey of the Genesee in upper New York State for his annual silent retreat.  Diane Boyd will be our pulpit guest on June 24.

190th Anniversary Sunday

St Andrews has been worshipping in Guelph for 190 years!  We celebrated our 190th Anniversary with a delicious sold-out dinner in the Church Hall on Saturday night, with our special guest preacher for Sunday, Rev Dr Vern Tozer, in attendance.


On Sunday, Rev Tozer reminded us in his sermon about the symbolism of the cock crowing on our steeple, and how it is trying to remind us what we need to do to ensure St Andrew’s Christian witness continues in Guelph for another 190 years. 

Afterwards, cake in the parlour…

We don’t look too bad for 190 years old!


Christmas Season Services 2017

Sun.,  Dec 10th
  • 10:15 am    Carol Singing
  • 10:30 am    Worship Service
Sun.,  Dec 17th
  • 10:15 am    Carol Singing
  • 10:30 am    Worship Service    ‘No Rehearsal Pageant’
Christmas Eve   Dec 24th
  • Morning     10:30 am     Service of Festive Music
  • Evening      8:00 pm       Family Worship Service


Rev John starts his Intermission

Starting today, Rev John is leaving the congregation until Monday Sept 4th.  During this time, he will be completely unavailable; he will have no email access and the Office has been instructed not to contact him for any reason.  This complete lack of contact is necessary to ensure that it can be a rejuvenating experience for Rev John, like a parental or medical leave.  Rev John feels that we both will value the time spent apart and he trusts that the congregation won’t consider this time as a kind of limbo for our congregation, but instead as an opportunity for St. Andrew’s to pull together even stronger.