Chalmers Christmas Gift Bag Campaign

(Pandemic Version)

We hope you will consider supporting this valuable program, particularly as community members are seeking our support more than ever before.  Each year we hear from CCSC guests how grateful they are to receive this gift and that, for many, it is the ONLY gift they receive. For this reason we ask that you include new, good quality items in their original packages. Please note that there is no need for the items to be gift wrapped. Christmas Gift Bags can be delivered in new, reusable shopping bags. Donors will have to provide their own bags this year.

Given the health and safety considerations of the pandemic, Chalmers is adjusting how they do things, in order to ensure our volunteers, guests and donors can be giving and receiving as safely as possible. As a result, the contents of the bags have changed slightly this year. Please do not deviate from this list so that we can ensure that all guests are treated equally.

Regular size shampoo (not conditioner)
Single toothbrush in its packaging 
Toothpaste and/or dental floss
Shower gel, body wash, or soap
Boxed candy or boxed chocolate (not homemade and not Halloween candy)
Small jar of instant coffee, box of tea bags, or tin/box of hot chocolate (no coffee pods)

If shopping for a Christmas bag in 2020 is not something you can do this year, please consider donating financially via St. Andrew’s to the Campaign. With your financial contribution, Chalmers will purchase items to fill a Christmas bag on your behalf. Be sure that your donation is clearly designated to the Chalmers Christmas Gift Bag Campaign.

This year’s final delivery date to Chalmers Downtown is Tuesday December 1st.

Deliveries can be made to Chalmers Downtown (41 Macdonell Street) on 
a) Tuesdays in October and November and December 1st between 10 am and 11 am, or 
b) Thursday November 19th from 6-8 pm or 
c) Thursday November 26th from 6-8 pm.

If you deliver to Chalmers directly, please make sure your donation is credited to St. Andrew’s.  If you cannot deliver to Chalmers, contact Rhonda at rhondawright102[at]yahoo[dot]com to arrange a pick-up.  

Yours in Christ,

The Mission and Outreach Coordinating Committee (MOCC)