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Our History of St. Andrew's
Our History webpage includes many items of current or recent interest while our Archives and Services and Sermons webpages are a "library" of older material, much of which is no longer current, yet could be of interest for reference or historical purposes.

St. Andrew's Territorial Acknowledgement
As we gather, we acknowledge that Indigenous people were here long before us who cared for this land and called it home. This territory has a rich history and was, and is to this day, considered sacred by many First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples. We have a responsibility to care for this land as their ancestors did and to continue to strengthen our relationships with our Indigenous neighbours.

Link to the PCC Confession - Aboriginal Peoples (June 9, 1994)

The Rev. Dr. Peter J. Darch Memorial Archives
St. Andrew's archives is a unique collection of records which date back to 1827, one year before our church was officially founded. The purpose of the archives is to collect and preserve the documented history of our church. The archives consists of the noncurrent records of the church which have been selected and maintained because of their continuing administrative, legal, or research value. They are made available to serious researchers subject to some restrictions on access. Visit our Archives.

Services and Sermons
Did you miss the service when you were on vacation? Who was the guest preacher for last year's Anniversary service? Who was the guest speaker and what was the topic for Thursday Bible Study three months ago? What were the scripture readings for the past month? Check the Services and Sermons page for your answers.

Photo Gallery
Visit our congregation and our historic building's architecture through our Photo Gallery of single photos and photographic albums:
• Stained-Glass Windows
• Building Exterior and Interior
• Church Hall Renovation
• Organ Installation
• Christmas Pageants
• Congregational Events
• Session - September, 2005
• Choir - September, 2005

St. Andrew's Church Photo Policy
- Letter to Congregation May 21 2017

Download the full text of our Photo Policy (PDF)

With Leading With Care guidelines in mind, we would like to assume that most of us will have no objection to the sensitive use of photos of us and our family, which would not be named unless permission to record people involved in a special event had been requested & granted.....and that you will agree to the following:
1. That the church may publish photographs of us and our child(ren) as many times as it requires in the ways mentioned above.
2. That children's photographs may be reproduced either in colour or in black and white.
3. That St Andrew's will not use a child's photograph for any purpose other than for the general promotion of the church and its activities.
4. That photographs taken by the church will be available to be saved for archive purposes, unless their removal is specifically requested
*** Please contact the church office if you have any concerns or do not agree to these terms.



Pamphlet: Walking Tour of the Stained-Glass Windows
Five-page pamphlet summarizing the stories behind St. Andrew's stained-glass windows (a Celebrate project of the congregation during the year 2000).
View and download the Walking Tour (.pdf file)

Note: if the file doesn't display right away, please download the file and then open with Adobe Acrobat.

Brochure: Coffee Parties with Rev. John
Short document highlighting how people came to attend St. Andrew's, what people value at St. Andrew's, and what dreams people have for St. Andrew's. From discussions in small group "Coffee Parties" with Rev. John Borthwick, February through March 2007.
View and download the Coffee Parties Report (.pdf file)

40 Under 40 Awards 2008
Special newspaper insert featuring 40 local citizens nominated by members of the community. Compiled and published by the Guelph Mercury, June 27, 2008.
View and download the page featuring award-winner Rev. John Borthwick and highlighting the 2009 Habitat for Humanity "Faith Build" (.pdf file).

Brochure: St. Andrew's Information Brochure / Committee Contacts
Printed copies are available from the St. Andrew's Church Office.
Please contact the office.

View and download the Information Brochure (.pdf file)

Brochure: A Short History
Printed copies of "A Short History" are available from the St. Andrew's Church Office.
Please contact the office.

1827 A group of 22 families from the north of Scotland were settled in the area by James Buchanan, British Vice-Consul, assisted by John Galt who provided the land and money.
1828 Worship services were held in the home of Benjamin Harrison where the Market is now located.
1831 The congregation called its first minister. A parcel of land on the site of our present City Hall was secured as the location for the congregation's first church building.
1834 Internal disagreements divided the congregation. Some members withdrew to form First Presbyterian Church in the "Paisley Block" west of Guelph.
1844 The Disruption, a serious division of Presbyterians in Scotland affected St. Andrew's Church. A majority of the congregation withdrew to form Knox Church. St. Andrew's remained a congregation of the Church of Scotland. Knox's ties were with the Free Church.
1856 The congregation sold the property to the Town Council who wished it for the site of the new Town Hall adjacent to the railway station. Land at the corner of Norfolk and Suffolk Streets was purchased for the church building.
1857 Construction of the Church began in June and was completed by April 1858.
1871 An organ was installed in the gallery after much discussion.
1875 In a union of the Church of Scotland and the Free Church, St. Andrew's became part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. The celebration was completed with a dinner at which 600 attended. It seems to have been the reason for the formation of the Ladies Aid who have been working for their Church ever since.
1877 The Church was enlarged with new transepts and a Sunday School building. The manse beside the Church was sold and a new home purchased on Oxford Street.
1888 The Women's Missionary Society was formed.
1893 The King's Daughters, later to become the Daughters of St. Andrew's, held their first meeting.
1906 The existing organ was replaced with a larger instrument.
1908 The Church Hall was added together with the kitchen, the minister's vestry and classrooms.
1925 St. Andrew's Church voted to stay out of the union that would bring Congregationalists, Methodists and majority of Presbyterians into the United Church of Canada.
1936 The Women's Association was organized as a successor to the Ladies Aid.
1954 The congregation bought back the original manse and modernized it as a home for its ministers.
1956 The Christian Education wing was built to provide additional facilities for the congregation and the Sunday School.
1991 The Christian Education wing was renovated at three times the cost of the original construction.
1992 and 1994 Stonework on the church and manse was repointed.
1999 The Church Hall and the kitchen were renovated.
2001 A three-manual Casavant organ was installed in the Sanctuary.
2005 St. Andrew's launches its website, a tool for
• congregational communication
• outreach to the local community and students
• outreach and information for the general public
• outreach and information for the faith community
2007 A new steel roof completely replaces the asphalt shingle roof on the Church Hall.

180th Anniversary celebration and projects include:
• New carpet for the front entrance area
• Launch of "My Neighbour's House" build in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Wellington County


St. Andrew's has published two books on its history:

A Century and a Half of Witness 1828-1978
by W. Stanford Reid

A Journey Shared 1979-2000
by The Rev. Dr. Peter J. Darch, Minister Emeritus

For more information about these publications and/or to order,
please contact the St. Andrew's church office.

In 2004, McGill-Queen's University Press published a biography of W. Stanford Reid (member of St. Andrew's):

W. Stanford Reid: An Evangelical Calvinist in the Academy
by A. Donald MacLeod
(Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2004, 401 pages)

A recent biography of Presbyterian minister W. Stanford Reid received the Donald Grant Creighton Award for "the best book of biography or autobiography highlighting life in Ontario, past or present, published within the last three years."
Titled W. Stanford Reid: An Evangelical Calvinist in the Academy, written by Donald MacLeod and published by McGill Queens University Press, the book is now into its second printing.
The award, conferred at the annual meeting of the Ontario Historical Society in Orillia on May 6, is named after Donald Grant Creighton, famed biographer of Sir John A. Macdonald.


Various drawings of St. Andrew's by local artists, which are featured on commemorative plates, pewter medallions etc.
View and print a Black-and-White Drawing of St. Andrew's Church
• by Nan Hogg, 1986, Sketch .jpeg file
• modification of sketch by Janet Dalgleish, circa 1993, Small or Large .jpeg file


Annual Reports
These have been removed for confidentiality reasons.

Special Events - Audio Files
Selected audio recordings with a special historical significance for the congregation.
• John Marett recites John McCrae's poem "In Flanders Fields"
(November 7, 2010 St. Andrew's worship service)
• John Marett recites the history of John McCrae, a former member of St. Andrew's, Guelph (November 6, 2005 St. Andrew's worship service)

Audio files are in Vog Orbus format.
Some of you may have to download Winamp, a free media player for Windows.
Choose "Bundle" button, and "Classic Skin" option when prompted.

Note: Audio files of the past month's meditations/sermons
can be found on the Archives webpage.


Download Forms

Attention Committees and Teams
Download and complete the MSWord file of the Form for Committee/Team Report to Session and Board. Use the forms to note:

1. Responses to SESSION requests
2. Recommendations to SESSION
3. Information SESSION needs to know
4. Items SESSION needs to act on
1. Information the BOARD needs to know
2. Requests to the BOARD
3. Items for the BOARD that require feedback

Forms can be printed, completed and submitted as hard copy — or —
the Word file can be downloaded, completed and then emailed to St. Andrew's.

Download the MSWord file of the Form for Session Action Planning Worksheet (can be modified for committee use).


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