Our Liturgy

We follow a worship format called Four Fold Worship.

Gathering – We take time in word, prayer and song to bring ourselves into the time of worship together and focus our attention on God.

The Word – We read from our sacred text, The Bible; a responsive reading from the Book of Psalms is followed by the reading of one or two other passages from The Bible. One or more of these texts will become the main theme of the Sermon; the sermon is a time where the Minister reflects on the Scripture Readings and brings the words of the ancient text into today’s world for inspiration, meaning, consolation, and challenge.

Response – We respond to God’s Word both spiritually in Prayer, and tangibly in the collection of an Offering.  This is also when we hear about opportunities for fellowship and service in our church and the wider community.

Sending – We are sent out into the community and the week ahead. Our closing hymn and benediction reminds us that we are blessed and are called to be a blessing wherever we go.