In September, Rev. John will be starting a sermon series on the Acts of the Apostles. In Acts, Jesus sends his followers out into the world to bear witness to the ways in which they’ve seen God at work both in their lives and in the world around them. For some of them, they were witnesses to the Resurrection of Jesus. But it didn’t stop there – as they lived their lives seeking to follow Jesus they were witness to resurrection happening again and again in different ways, sometimes personally and at other times in the lives of people who’d given up all hope. Because the good news is that #ResurrectionHappens, and we are invited to share our story with the world. Those early followers weren’t asked to be persuasive or compelling. Instead, God simply asked them to go tell the stories of what they’d seen and experienced. As they did, incredible things began to happen. One story led to another and another, opening up a world of endless possibility.

So, what’s your story? How have you been witness to resurrection happening in your own life? Where has resurrection happened in the lives of those known to you? Where have you witnessed God moving in this or that place? When did it seem by all accounts that the story was over but God turned the page and wrote a whole new chapter?

I’d love to have you share your stories with me (revjohn@standrewsguelph.com), and with your permission, I will share some of your stories with our St Andrew’s community as we start our Acts adventure.  I treasure the opportunity to bear witness to the stories of God you share. #ResurrectionHappens

Service from July 8

Call to Worship / Hymn 328 / Prayer of Confession / Psalm 113 / “Summer Reruns: God stoops down” / Hymn 73 / Prayers of the People / Hymn 592 / Benediction

Service from July 1

Call to Woship / O Canada / Hymn 313 / Prayer of Confession / Psalm 1 / “Summer Reruns: Drinking Deeply from the Psalms: Orientation – Two Roads and a Tree” / Hymn 1 / Prayers of the People / Hymn 410 / Benediction    Organist – Mark Garlough

New Carpet and Flooring installed in the Sanctuary in July

Starting on July 3, new carpet and hardwood flooring will be installed in the Sanctuary.  The work has been estimated to take four weeks and so there will be three Sundays (July 8, July 15, and July 22) that we will not be able to use the Sanctuary; instead, for those weeks, we will meet in the Church Parlour for worship on Sundays at 10:30 am.  Mark Garlough will be accompanying our hymns on the keyboard in the Parlour.  It is our hope that we will be able to accommodate everyone in this intimate space.  Come on out – it should be a fun experience!

Join our Facebook Bible Study this Fall

Starting on Wednesday September 12, Rev. John will  be starting a Facebook Bible Study group.  A Bible passage with questions will be posted for members of the group to consider individually, with the opportunity to comment to the group as a whole.  It is hoped that this might lead to some great discussions online.  This Fall, the study will focus on Acts, in alignment with a sermon series on The Acts of the Apostles.
Here’s the link to follow to the group:
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