Frequently Asked Questions about The Presbyterian Church in Canada and Residential Schools

Many people have questions about Churches that participated in the Residential School System. The Presbyterian Church in Canada operated 11 schools and most certainly collaborated willingly with the Government of Canada in the creation and operation of these schools. This link from The Presbyterian Church in Canada provides some information about such things and the PCC’s commitment to transforming the words of our apology in 1994 into tangible action towards reconciliation and healing.

Second of Two Introductory Videos related to the Me and White Supremacy Virtual Pilgrimage

If you haven’t watched the first video that introduces the Me and White Supremacy Virtual Pilgrimage, you can find it at our website here. Each week, starting the first week of May, Rev. John will post a short video offering his personal reflection on the material he is engaging in Layla Saad’s book, Me and White Supremacy.

In this short video, Rev. John unpacks the term “White Supremacy” as defined by Layla Saad and asks a question for us to consider.

Introducing the Me and White Supremacy Virtual Pilgrimage

As we have mentioned over the last few weeks, I’m embarking on this Virtual Pilgrimage with the book, Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad. The pilgrimage begins the first week of May and will take us until the middle of December. Each week, I will post my short reflections on what I am learning and encountering as I commit to this pilgrimage. Glad to have you accompany me in this way and would be delighted to receive your feedback along the way. Feel free to reach out as you watch my reflections. 

Here’s the first of two introductory videos as we prepare to begin our Pilgrimage:

Why Work to Decolonize? Study PLAYLIST

We concluded our study – “Why Work to Decolonize?” on Wednesday December 2.

Here’s the full playlist – Sessions 1 – 4:

We look forward to continuing our commitment to work in this area of anti-racism and the Church in 2021.

Make sure to read the YouTube video descriptions to go deeper on this subject.

We pray that more intentional work will be accomplished in improving the situation for our Indigenous communities in Canada. Promises must be kept in order for healing and reconciliation to move forward.