Sermon From October 13th, 2019

Plotting Goodness

This week… homework…

Look for opportunities to “be a blessing” to others this week

Share a story or two of how it worked out for you with someone

Ask Rev John Series

Below are all of the Ask Rev John Series of Sermons from this summer.

Part 1 – June 23rd, 2019
What is Sin?
Why isn’t there an emphasis on SIN and Judgement in Church anymore?
If my sins are forgiven by Jesus… then why is there still a judgement day? How will I be judged?
When can we get an Elevator… Large Screen…

What is the meaning of the Holy Catholic Church?
Why does the Roman Catholic Church exclude anyone who has not been baptized Catholic from sharing the body and blood of Christ?
Can you explain ‘simply’ the decision of General Assembly re sexuality?
Part 2 – July 7th, 2019

What about the words in The Lord’s Prayer… “Lead us not into temptation”? Why would God lead us into temptation?

[Warning – Listener Discretion Advised]
Follow up from the General Assembly Decision… how can we hold two doctrines in parallel? What does this mean for St. Andrew’s? What does it mean for the PCC?

Sex… what does the Bible say about it? The Church’s attitude toward it? Consequences… authority on ‘what is normal?’ challenges in speaking openly about it? Very binary way of understanding it… Man and woman… Purpose – procreation… abstinence… G, L… and confusion on the rest… LGBTQI+

From Genesis 6… When the Sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, they married and had children
Was this one of the reasons why God destroyed the earth?
“The Nephilim”
Part 3 – July 21st, 2019

There is so much in the Bible that has been used to justify ‘injustice’ ‘inequality’ and has done harm… and continues to do harm… what do we do with that? How can some take parts literally and others not?

Is it more difficult in these electronic and scientific driven times to believe in a “Holy Spirit”?
And why do mainline churches speak so little about a spirit filled life?

Why is Easter different every year?

Can you please explain how Jesus could walk on water?
(I’ve tried it, but it just doesn’t work!)

How do we forgive those who have done the unthinkable (not sexual) act against us?  How does one do this when feelings of hurt block any forgiveness?
Part 4 – August 25th 2019

“The Nephilim”… remember them from a few questions ago?
The Nephilim – “The Giants”… “The Sons of God” who intermingled with the daughters of men… before the world was flooded…
Genesis 6.
Nephilim… in Canaan… this is where we see a genocide being endorsed as a way of creating a ‘final solution’ to the Nephilim problem.
If the Jews were God’s chosen people in the Old Testament, why did they suffer so much persecution and continue to do so?
For your sermons, do you have a guidebook to follow with ideas and suggestions and is there co-ordination for choosing music and hymns to accompany?
Part 5 – September 1st, 2019

What is the Kingdom of God? How can we access it? What does it mean to be a member?
Can you give a few examples of what you do as Guelph’s Police Chaplain?
“No one comes to the Father but through me…”
Jesus is the ONLY way…
“I am the way, the truth, and the life.”
“Love your neighbour as yourself”
How do we reconcile other religions?
Are Jehovah’s Witnesses a true religion?

If you had the chance to interview someone who was prominent in history (living or dead) who would it be, why and what would your first question for this person be?

“Presbyterians on the Run”

This year, St. Andrew’s and Knox Guelph are joining forces and encouraging their congregations to #RunfortheCure in Guelph’s October 6 CIBC Run for the Cure. It is a 5K or 1K walk or run that raises funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. We’d love you to join us on the walk/run or cheer us on… or you are welcome to donate to our Team. Our ministers, The Rev. Johan Olivier and The Rev. John Borthwick are already signed up. We’d love to have as many participants on the walk/run as possible. You can join the team or donate here:

Following the event, Knox Guelph will be hosting a brief joint St. Andrew’s/Knox worship service in their sanctuary for the community. There will be NO worship service at St. Andrew’s Guelph. See you on the RUN, Presbyterians.

2019 Lenten Seminar

St. Andrew’s Guelph is pleased to host their 2019 Lenten Seminar that asks the question: Where is the Next Generation? It will be held on Saturday April 6 from 10AM to 2:30PM. Our presenter will be Mike Wasyluk, The Presbytery of Waterloo Wellington’s Emerging Generations Engagement Facilitator.

More details can be found below.

Furnace Installation

The church office will close today at noon today as the contractors installing the new furnaces need to shut the power off to the building.  If all goes according to schedule with the install, we should have heat in the Sanctuary this Sunday for worship!

Good News!

For the last several weeks we have been experiencing some difficulties with the office’s email.  As of today, I’m happy to say that email is FINALLY 100% working for the church office!  The office can now send and receive email after our provider fixed the issue on their end. We appologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

Email Challenges for Church Office

Thank you for your continued patience with our email system challenges. Shainna, our Administrator is continuing to have challenges with the mailboxATstandrewsguelphDOTcom email address. She is able to receive your emails but has been unable to send from that address for the last two weeks. It is still be worked on and we hope to have it resolved this week. Thanks for your patience.

Church Office Email is Unavailable

If you have emailed us in the last week, our Church Office has yet to receive it. Due to some complications related to our current construction project, our Church Office email (mailboxATstandrewsguelphDOTcom) has been unavailable.

We will update you as soon as this issue is resolved. In the meantime, please feel free to call Shainna in the Church Office at 519-822-4772. Thank you for your patience.