Church Office Email is Unavailable

If you have emailed us in the last week, our Church Office has yet to receive it. Due to some complications related to our current construction project, our Church Office email (mailboxATstandrewsguelphDOTcom) has been unavailable.

We will update you as soon as this issue is resolved. In the meantime, please feel free to call Shainna in the Church Office at 519-822-4772. Thank you for your patience.

Hydro “off” – Oct 1-2

As part of the installation of the new heating system, power will be turned off in the building off and on over the next couple of weeks; power will be turned off completely on October  1 all day and night, and October 2 all day. If extra time is needed, the power will also be turned off during the morning of October 3.

New Heating System for Sanctuary and Church Hall

The church heating system is being switched over from the boiler to a forced-air system.  All of the radiators have been removed and ductwork is being installed.  Heating will come from two external units; a rooftop unit over the Choir Room, and one on the Suffolk Street (north) lawn.  Installation should be completed in October; during installation, electricity to the building will be interrupted periodically, and will be off completely October 1 and 2.

Stairwell Enclosure and Emergency Exit

The Stairwell Enclosure at the south end of the Christian Education wing is now finished but it is intended for Emergency Exit ONLY from the Basement of the CE wing; anyone opening the CE wing Basement door will set off a door alarm.  The upper door at ground level is kept locked at all times, but can be opened from the inside by using the door’s panic bar.

Manna Day at Crieff

Come out on Thursday, October 11, to Crieff to hear Rev Dr Clyde Irvine speak about “Restoring Confidence in God’s Gospel”.  The event runs from 10:30 – 3:00 and includes lunch; cost is only $25.00 pp and may be paid at the door.  For registration information, click here.

It’s Time for a New Church Directory!

St Andrew’s is going to have a new Church Directory and we need your photo to go in it!

Once again, Lifetouch will be taking the photos.  Sittings will be October 24 to 27 (Wed – Sat).  Please sign up online here for your sitting, or after worship.

Family Photos make great Christmas gifts – there are many different packages available, and if you bring a non-perishable food item for Chalmers Food Pantry, you will receive a $5 discount certificate toward the purchase of additional pictures.

For more information, including how you can help out, click here.

Guelph Youth For Christ Moves in! (Partnership in Action)

Youth for Christ: “We see the hope and potential in every young person”

You will recall that Guelph Youth for Christ is a mission and outreach partner of St. Andrew’s and some of you will have met Karen Bast and/or Mark Stromenberg at the Mission and Outreach Fair last year.


The MOCC is very excited to tell you about the next step in this partnership:  Guelph Youth for Christ is relocating to St. Andrew’s!  During weekdays, Karen and Mark will be sharing the Director of Children and Youth Office, the Youth Room and (occasionally) the Church Hall.

Thank you to Rev. John and the Board of Managers for helping to make this happen.

Please pray that this relationship will become a powerful way of expanding our partnership with this ministry and give St. Andrew’s a greater feeling of tangibly reaching youth in our community with the Gospel through the dedicated work of the team from Youth for Christ.

For more information on Guelph Youth for Christ please contact Karen Bast, Satellite Director, Guelph YFC at 226-780-0605 or visit


In September, Rev. John will be starting a sermon series on the Acts of the Apostles. In Acts, Jesus sends his followers out into the world to bear witness to the ways in which they’ve seen God at work both in their lives and in the world around them. For some of them, they were witnesses to the Resurrection of Jesus. But it didn’t stop there – as they lived their lives seeking to follow Jesus they were witness to resurrection happening again and again in different ways, sometimes personally and at other times in the lives of people who’d given up all hope. Because the good news is that #ResurrectionHappens, and we are invited to share our story with the world. Those early followers weren’t asked to be persuasive or compelling. Instead, God simply asked them to go tell the stories of what they’d seen and experienced. As they did, incredible things began to happen. One story led to another and another, opening up a world of endless possibility.

So, what’s your story? How have you been witness to resurrection happening in your own life? Where has resurrection happened in the lives of those known to you? Where have you witnessed God moving in this or that place? When did it seem by all accounts that the story was over but God turned the page and wrote a whole new chapter?

I’d love to have you share your stories with me (, and with your permission, I will share some of your stories with our St Andrew’s community as we start our Acts adventure.  I treasure the opportunity to bear witness to the stories of God you share. #ResurrectionHappens