PENTECOST COLOURING PROJECT and a comment on the resources from Illustrated Ministry

For CHILDREN and the “YOUNG at Heart”

Illustrated Ministry Resources

During this time of isolation, Illustrated Ministry has offered a sampling of its worship resources for children (and the young at heart) for FREE. Unfortunately, this Sunday’s resource will be the last one. I (Rev. John) am contemplating purchasing their online resource for the Summer, if there is enough interest from the congregation. Alternatively, I’d encourage parents and anyone interested to check their website regularly for updates on their resources for families. They are even planning a Virtual VBS that can be purchased by individuals. Here’s the link for that:

In the meantime, get your crayons ready!

Here’s the colouring page for Pentecost:

Hope to see those brightly coloured flames on Sunday morning by ZOOM. 

Alleluia Poster for Easter Sunday

Photo by Sara Torda on Unsplash

Here’s another colouring project for you – colouring can be very calming – but this one might be a bit more of a challenge for you. It comes in four parts that you will tape together to create a huge Alleluia Poster to brighten your Easter celebrations. Please share them with us in the LIVE Zoom Easter worship and afterwards, I’d encourage you to post them on your front doors or windows so that you can share the joy of Easter with your community.
Happy Colouring, St. Andrew’s!