Worship Service for December 5, 2021 on ZOOM & YouTube

Order of Service – Sunday December 5, 2021 @ 10:30AM

We continue our live broadcast this morning and welcome in-person worshipers to the Sanctuary. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this morning’s service both online and in-person.

Join us on our St. Andrew’s Guelph YouTube Channel and select the live service, and remember to invite your friends and families. You can also join us via Zoom by following the link in your Friday or Sunday morning email. If you’d like to begin receiving our weekly emails you can sign up here.

It is Communion Sunday! If you are joining us in-person, you will receive a pre-filled communion cup upon entry. If you are on ZOOM or YouTube, we would encourage you to plan to have bread and beverage like substances available when it comes time for the Sacrament so that you can share in the joyous feast that our LORD provides. Jesus makes the ordinary things – holy!

Prelude – “Praeludium” (The joyous Mystery Sonatas #1) F. Biber
Violin: Isaac Muth

Introit – Psalm 85:1-2
Refrain: M. Guimont
Tone: J. Derkson

The Lighting of the Advent Wreath

Hymn –  #118 “Comfort, comfort you my people” (Genevan 42)

Opening Prayer & Assurance of Forgiveness

Time for Wonder and Curiosity

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 40: 1 – 11 (CEB)

Sermon: “Comfort My People”


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MOCC Introduces Our Mission Partner
Occasionally during our “announcement time”, we will feature one of our Mission Partners as a guest either in-person or virtually. This Sunday we will have Karen Kamphuis, Executive Director from Michael House with us to share a brief update on their ongoing work over the pandemic.

Offertory – “Variato” & “Adagio” (The joyous Mystery Sonatas #1) F. Biber

Prayers of the People

Hymn – #529 “O Holy Father, God most dear” (Sussex Carol)

The Sacrament of Holy Communion

Communion Anthem – “As this broken bread” (W. Wold)

Hymn – #128 “There’s a voice in the wilderness crying” (Ascension)


Postlude – “Finale” (The joyous Mystery Sonatas #1) F. Biber