Speaking Out Against Racism and Hate in Canada – 5 of 5

Today we share the final episode in the short five-part series entitled Speaking Out Against Racism and Hate in Canada based on the study guide provided by Justice Ministries of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. You can view the last part here: 

Episode 5

You can also view the entire series here: 

The Whole Series

It is our intention to share another series in the Fall on this important topic. It could take the form of another video series, a book study, or a virtual discussion group. We hope that you will continue to educate yourself on the issue of systemic racism especially in the Canadian context. There are many recommendations found in the descriptions in the videos posted in this series. And please continue to be in prayer for our communities as we work together on making the necessary changes to our institutions for the betterment of our society as a whole.

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