Service from September 8th,2019

Introit / Call to Worship / Hymn 332 / Prayer of Confession / Assurance of Forgiveness / Psalm 19: 1-14, Genesis 1: 2-3 / Message: “awe and Wonder” / Hymn 434 / Offertory / Doxology / Offertory Prayer / Opportunities in the Life of St Andrews / Prayers of the People / The Lord’s Prayer / Hymn 314 / Benediction

Food for the Journey

So this week, choose on facet of creation that you love – birds, trees, weather, soil, water, light, children, sex, aging, sleep. Observe it, think about it, learn about it every chance you can, with this question in mind:

If that element of creation were your only Bible, what would it tell you about God?